Legend Tree

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Legend Tree

The NEW Legend Valentino saddle

The NEW Legend Valentino saddle combines the characteristics that define Pessoa with a focus on the science of bio mechanics – For the equestrian athletes who are looking to improve their performance.

Pessoa spent years in research and development in countries all over the world to design a tree that not only promotes proper biomechanics in the horse, but also for the rider. The result is Pessoa’s debut of the New Legend Tree. Our new tree uses carbon fiber material with a spring bar reinforcement, offering the same predictability as the GenX series but uniquely updated to provide the perfect amount of flexibility for horse and stability for rider. The horse will appreciate the panel design with a generous and consistent channel, tapered scapula relief, soft medical grade foam, and broad smooth bearing surface along the horses back. 

We know how much people love their saddle pads, so we’ve even taken that into consideration by creating extra space around the wither to accommodate the appropriate pads.
The new Legend Valentino saddle has adapted the interchangeable gullet system to the Legend tree, to achieve the best possible fit for the horse and a close contact forward flap with a fixed knee block to allow for optimum communication during your ride. Instantly notice comfort in our new seat design and twist. No more struggling to keep your upper body in the correct position. Crafted in durable, hand curried rich dark brown leather with simple, traditional European styling allowing versatility in any ring.