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xchange System


All of the Pessoa® saddles are available with the interchangeable gullet X-Change® System. The rider can modify the width of the tree using any of our interchangeable gullet plates and a screwdriver. It is really that simple.

This system does not change the integrity or look of the saddle. A saddle with a medium gullet plate installed fits and looks exactly like a standard medium fixed-tree saddle.

The strength is the same, the feel is the same and all Pessoa® trees feature a 25-year warranty.

The tree size can be changed from Narrow up to Extra Wide.

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1. Unscrew the four screws found on both sides of the saddle, underneath the skirt.

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2. Drop the panels away from the tree by pulling gently downward.

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3. Undo the leather flap that covers The interchangeable plate.

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4. Remove the installed plate and replace it with the width your horse requires.

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5. Place the tree point back into the pocket on the panel.

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6. Tighten the four screws and you are ready to ride!